I wasn't sure whether to post this question in this section or in General Discussion. Forgive me if I have erred. Now, DMCA takedowns are a real problem on FFShrine, particularly of non-game music. I wish to be able to share soundtracks and classical music with others, but have had 1 or 2 Mega acounts canned for doing so. I don't want the micromanagement hassle of requiring PMs or thread comments for links.

Obfuscating filenames of the uploaded archive is not effective, nor is password protecting the archive. Can somebody suggest a method that has worked for them? Perhaps a link protector service, perhaps requiring people to download a password protected archive that contains a text file with the link inside, perhaps encoding the link in a fornmat that bots cannot read (eg Base64).

Thankyou for any wisdom people can provide. I'm sure it will be of use to others wishing to share.