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Thread: Aeris \ Aerith

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    Aeris \ Aerith

    So this was the first ff game, that I played.

    I liked the flower girl. I was sad, that she died. It's unusual for one of the main characters to die, and you can't change that.

    Well it was in those days.
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    I was certainly sad to lose my best healer. Beyond that, I never really gravitated to her character as much as most. Suppose she just wasn't my flavour, but it still hit me like a freight train to realise she was gone for good way back when.

    Also it's Aeris. I go by what my game says. Other than Cloud, whose name I changed to Speedo my first run.
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    I used to cry when Aeris died. A lot. I also used to take too long to finish the 1st CD because of that...

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