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Thread: Akira Ifukube: KING KONG VS. GODZILLA (キングコング対ゴジラ Kingu Kongu Tai Gojira), FLAC

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    Akira Ifukube: KING KONG VS. GODZILLA (キングコング対ゴジラ Kingu Kongu Tai Gojira), FLAC

    This one is probably on FFS already, but - again - the desultory search engine
    provides no help at all. FLAC link below.

    This preposterous battle between the huge ape King Kong and the fire-breathing dinosaur Gojira marked the beginning of
    Toho Studios aiming their monster films at children rather than general audiences. Director Ishiro Honda stages the battle
    scenes atop Mt. Fuji for laughs, as the two lovable beasts play ball with a large boulder and generally behave like professional
    wrestlers horsing around for the camera. Persistent rumors claim that there exist two different endings to this film, with
    Godzilla winning in the Japanese version and Kong prevailing in the American print. These rumors are incorrect, as Kong
    wins in both versions. Gojira survived to battle Mothra the following year in Mosura Tai Gojira, while the Asian Kong returned
    in King Kong No Gyakushu (1967).

    Music Composed and Conducted by
    Akira Ifukube

    1. Main Title (02:02)
    2. Series of World Wonders (00:09)
    3. The Sparkling Iceberg / Pashin Commercial (01:19)
    4. Fujita & Fumiko (04:30)
    5. The Seahawk in Crisis / Great News Gathering Team Departure (04:32)
    6. The Seahawk's SOS (01:58)
    7. Faro Island (00:47)
    8. The Natives (00:56)
    9. Southern Island Tale (01:52)
    10. Thunder and the Devil / Fumiko's Misgivings (02:18)
    11. Godzilla's Resurrection (01:41)
    12. The Cry of the Devil / A Prayer to the Rolling Thunder (02:12)
    13. The Devil of the South Seas / Drums of Battle / Giant Octopus vs. King Kong (04:57)
    14. The Sleeping Devil (03:12)
    15. The Terror of Godzilla (03:36)
    16. The Invincible King Kong / Preparation for Operation 'Burial' (01:00)
    17. King Kong vs. Godzilla #1 (02:42)
    18. Preparations for Operation 'One Million Volts' (00:23)
    19. Operation 'Burial' (00:52)
    20. Operation 'Burial' Fails (00:12)
    21. Operation 'One Million Volts' #1 (00:58)
    22. Operation 'One Million Volts' #2 (02:13)
    23. Kong Shows up in Tokyo (02:05)
    24. The Plan to Rescue Fumiko #1 (02:16)
    25. The Plan to Rescue Fumiko #2 (02:45)
    26. The Plan to Transport King Kong (02:12)
    27. King Kong Advances on Fuji (02:06)
    28. The Confrontation at Fuji (04:01)
    29. King Kong's Resurrection (01:41)
    30. King Kong vs. Godzilla #2 (01:59)
    31. Ending (00:28)
    32. Main Title (Mono Version) (02:05)
    Bonus Track
    33. Main Title (A Capella Version) (03:41)
    Bonus Track
    Total Time: 69'40

    Source: LaLaLand CD
    Released: 2006
    File Size: 320 MB

    "This is powerful and exciting stuff: Ifukube calls into play a combination of traditional Japanese drumming, chanting,
    and the kind of driving, dissonant music one associates with Russian futurism; indeed, Stravinsky's Le Sacre du printemps
    was a major formative influence on the composer. The music is most effective when it is at its simplest; with crashing
    cluster chords on the piano, combined with an orchestra playing mostly in unison or just two parts, pounding drums and
    eerie period electronic organ one gets a strong sense at how different the Godzilla scores were from anything that went
    before in terms of film music. Japanese recording technology was state of the art in 1962; no one else in the world could
    touch it in terms of low-end response at the time, though the introduction of Edward Dolby's system would soon tip the
    balance elsewhere. King Kong vs. Godzilla was the only project from within the early Godzilla series that had a budget
    allowing for a stereo soundtrack. Nonetheless, one can hear how difficult it was to mix Ifukube's visionary music even
    with this advantage, and some tracks essentially duplicate the music of others but demonstrate that the balance of
    parts have changed back at the mix console.

    Naturally, as in most film scores, there is considerable recycling of musical themes between tracks, and these are
    frequent enough that some listeners may find it repetitive. Nevertheless, for the rest of us, what is not to love about
    the soundtrack disc for King Kong vs. Godzilla? It benefits likewise from an attractive and user-friendly package,
    good notes, and some charming bonus material, including some a cappella chanting not used in the final film and
    a Japanese pop song heard over a transistor radio in the original King Kong vs. Godzilla that was left on the
    cutting room floor in America."
    All Music


    Have fun!

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