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Thread: Has anyone opinion on FFV changed?

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    Has anyone opinion on FFV changed?

    I remember how it used to be that some fan really hate the game for its simple story, poor translation, hard gameplay and how lighthearted it is. Now that it has been retranslated, the gameplay has been praised highly, the story is much cleaered and many people like the lighthearted story compared to the angst fests of later games, do people here still enjoy the game?
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    No. It's total gash. FFVII is the only Final Fantasy game you should be playing. If you play any of the others it means you're a lifeless permavirgin who's never gone chasing skirt.

    But really though. V is the only one in the series that's actually made me laugh and didn't take itself seriously as a 2deep4u trek into the heart of an angsty teenager.
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