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Thread: Música Clásica II

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    Música Clásica II

    The second parto of a good classical music selection.


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    Thanks for the share. Looks really interesting. But I'm having troubles with the part 2. It says server error on Mediafire. Is the link broken? Thanks in advance.
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    Note that most of the artists here don't even exist! This is a sampler which re-uses some old low budget recordings from labels that sold them under fake conductors' names and non-existent orchestras in the 1980s (Zyx and Pilz come to mind). There never was a conductor by the name of "Alberto Lizzio" e.g., or a "Henry Adolph", or an "Alexander von Pitamic".

    You can read about the scam here: [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

    Alfred Scholz DID exist, and it is generally assumed that most of these recordings were in fact conducted by him in the 70s and 80s. But they also used digital and analogue recordings by Milan Horvat and the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra under various fake names.

    These are all modest to poor versions of these pieces.


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