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Thread: American Journey (John Williams, 2002) [FLAC/MP3]

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    American Journey (John Williams, 2002) [FLAC/MP3]

    As requested:

    USA 2002

    Composed and conducted by John Williams

    "If there's anyone who is close to being the United States' "national composer," it's got to be John Williams. He's the man who led the Boston Pops (U.S. national orchestra) for years and created the music for Star Wars, Superman, Jaws, Harry Potter, and pretty much every Steven Spielberg film ever made. So who do you call upon to create new Olympic fanfares? That's right, John Williams. His first foray into Olympiana came with a theme created for the 1988 Los Angeles games. Williams also created a soaring fanfare (which appears as a bonus track on this CD) called "Summon the Heroes" for the 1996 Atlanta games and has written a rousing piece that premiered as the official theme of the 2002 Winter Olympics. "Call of the Champions" opens the album on a gloriously rich and rewarding note. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir erupts with the call of "Citius, Altius, Fortius," only to be followed by full-blown orchestral fireworks. All the pieces on this CD feature blasts of trumpets, bombastic horns, and stirring string passages. These works go a long way in explaining why Williams appeals to both film score enthusiasts and the classical music crowd -- he can hit your gut and your intellect within the same composition. Along with the two Olympic pieces, another highlight is the premiere recording of the title work, "American Journey," a six-movement suite composed to accompany Steven Spielberg's turn-of-the-millennium tribute film. Divorced from the images and words it was written to accompany, the music still captures the power and depth of feeling evident in the American century. Rounded out with premier recordings of several shorter pieces, this album makes for a joyous celebration of the American spirit -- and a quintessentially American composer."
    Review by Neil Shurley at [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

    International pressings titled Call Of The Champions.

    Track list:
     01 - John Williams, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir & Utah Symphony - Call Of The Champions  [05:00]
     02 - John Williams & RAOOLA - American Journey I, Immigration And Building               [05:38]
     03 - John Williams & RAOOLA - American Journey II, The Country At War                    [03:22]
     04 - John Williams & RAOOLA - American Journey III, Popular Entertainment                [02:29]
     05 - John Williams & RAOOLA - American Journey IV, Arts And Sports                       [02:37]
     06 - John Williams & RAOOLA - American Journey V, Civil Rights And The Women's Movement  [03:26]
     07 - John Williams & RAOOLA - American Journey VI, Flight And Technology                 [07:09]
     08 - John Williams & RAOOLA - Song For World Peace                                       [04:41]
     09 - John Williams & RAOOLA - Jubilee 350                                                [03:44]
     10 - John Williams & RAOOLA - The Mission Theme                                          [03:30]
     11 - John Williams & RAOOLA - For New York                                               [03:02]
     12 - John Williams & RAOOLA - Sound The Bells_                                           [02:50]
     13 - John Williams & Utah Symphony - Hymn To New England                                 [03:11]
     14 - John Williams & RAOOLA - Celebrate Discovery                                        [03:50]
     15 - John Williams & Boston Pops - Summon The Heroes  [Bonus Track]                      [06:16]
     RAOOLA = Recording Arts Orchestra Of Los Angeles
    Total duration: 1:00:45
    Download links. To extract the files type journeychampions
    • [Hidden link. Register to see links.] (319.9 MiB)
    • [Hidden link. Register to see links.] (163.5 MiB)

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    Very much appreciated. Thank you.

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    Thank you.
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    Thank for this title,my friend!

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    Thank you Kooke for sharing this enjoyable music, I'm surprised it isn't liked more here.
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    I suppose things are liked (well, downloaded) around 10-20 times the number of replies when links are public, which I for me is way enough for the upload to be worth. And I agree, it's a great album. The Olympics themes and a bunch of other brassy ones, the soundtrack for Spielberg's "The Unfinished Journey" and two of my favorite beauties ("Hymn To New England" and "Song For World Peace"), with others, make a cool pack. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    From time to time I think in a general way about what you've pointed out: the overwhelming lot of music shared here that every one of us would appreciate but miss day after day. The vertigo disappears quickly when I realize the same happens to me on a smaller scale with regard to my own files, so... Hakuna Matata.


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    I'm interested to check this out. Thanks!

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