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Thread: (REQ) Marvel's Spider-Man - John Paesano GAMERIP

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    (REQ) Marvel's Spider-Man - John Paesano GAMERIP

    The score for this game is fantastic, some of john's best work! While the soundtrack is amazing in its own right. I would like a complete game rip as some awesome tracks missing and a few on the game are different. Mr negative subway fight is differently mastered in the game than the OST release. If anyone is able to do this that would be much appreciated.
    I'm still searching for:
    FILMS: Anything spider-man related (Danny elfman, Christopher young, James Horner)
    sherlock series complete (David Arnold and micheal price)
    banshee series complete (methodic doubt)
    FILM: the commuter complete(roque Banos)
    FILM: southpaw complete (James Horner)
    FILM: the imitation game complete (Alexandre desplat)

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    Seconded! Mainly for that helicopter chase music, can't believe it's not on the album.

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    Hell yes!!!
    • Complete Game Rips of Dead Space 1 & 2 By Jason Graves
    • Complete Game Rip of Marvel's Spider-Man By John Paesano
    • War of the Worlds (Complete Scoring Sessions) By John Williams
    • Complete Soundtracks of the Jurassic Park Trilogy By John Williams

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    Wheres the dude who ripped mirror's edge catalyst? hahahaha

    I wish he would tackle this game haha,

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    I also would love this!

    I make complete video game scores. Let me know if there's one you'd like!

    Current Projects:
    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (Complete Video Game Score)
    Batman: Arkham Knight (Complete Video Game Score)

    Sample music can be found on my YouTube channel [Hidden link. Register to see links.].

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    I'll 4th this


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