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Thread: Matrix Sountrack - Is this a bootleg ?

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    Matrix Sountrack - Is this a bootleg ?


    Apologies if this is not the appropriate thread for the question.
    For years I've been searching for a CD release of the Matrix soundtrack score, and in the meantime I found countless of low quality MP3 releases. LaLa Lands records released a comprehensive edition for Reloaded and Revolution, but I found nothing for the original movie despite a disapointing release from Varese.

    This is until few months ago when I was able to order a physical copy on an obscure german website now gone.
    Disc is registered under "Matrix Metro Music" and listed as MXCD-19992012. And from what I hear this was not produced from a lossy MP3 bootleg copy. There are however strange gain levels differences between tracks and abrupt edits at the end of some that hint it is from a patchwork of various sources.
    I found another copy on ebay there:
    [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

    Anyone has an idea of where it can come from ?
    Found othere releases that follow the same graphic charts that could be done by the same people.
    Amongst those is a release for Matrix Reloaded and another for Quantum of Solace soundtrack, the latter being listed there:
    [Hidden link. Register to see links.]
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    That probably is a bootlet.

    Strange gain levels and abrupt edits, it sounds like the lossy AC-3 track from the bluray, which is the isolated score.

    "MXCD" = MatriX Compact Disc
    19992012 = First and last year of the trilogy release dates.

    If that site is gone, it's probably because of DMCA takedowns, among illegal trade for cash tender.

    For the first movie, your best collections would have to include:
    original retail OST
    VS deluxe OST
    isolated score from the DVD/BD (both are the same audio format: lossy AC-3 stereo)

    Bond Records (2) ‎– QOS-JB007-5

    Obviously, a fake label.
    Editors like to be clever.

    For QoS, it probably includes rips from the video game, which is composed by Christopher Lennertz.

    It's all bootlegs from material you can gather and assemble here by yourself.

    All that, that's linked, is the work of dark agents.
    Don't be fooled by them.

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    Thanks for confirming what I strongly suspected. I own a blu-ray copy of the movie and the isolated score track you mentioned is nowhere to be found. All I could find would be a commentary from the composer dubbed on the isolated score. I guess this is what you may be refering to.

    Funnily enough, the Reloaded edition from those guys has the following "EAN code": 8884820032012. I can definitely see a pattern there.

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    The Matrix Score
    Don Davis
    Label: Varèse Sarabande ‎– VCL 0908 1081
    Format: CD, Album, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition
    Country: US
    Released: 2008
    [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

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    phim matrix rất hay. tôi đã xem lại rất nhiều lần vẫn thấy hứng thú


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