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Thread: Fallout 4 - Far Harbour & Nuka World DLC Music (Lossless)

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    Fallout 4 - Far Harbour & Nuka World DLC Music (Lossless)

    These 19 tracks of music were acquired from a Streaming site (sorry but I have been unable to find the music from the basic game in lossless; 256kb AAC is the best I have encountered). This DLC music was a mixture of 16bit44KHz and 24bit48KHz files. Now this may anger some, but I decided to systematize the music and convert the 2448 tracks to 1644 flac. I dropped them into Audition, normalized the Peaks to -0.2 Dbfs, resampled using 100% quality + PrePost ringing, applied a U-Shaped Adaptive Dither, and save as 16 bit. Converting to 16 bit just means that the really quite parts of the waveform (below -96 Dbfs) are discarded; -96 Dbfs is very quiet and the ambient noise level of the 24 bit DLC tracks was around -75 Db anyway.

    [Hidden link. Register to see links.] (290 MB)

    One note: When resampling hi-definition files, always check the peaks first. Resampling can cuase small changes in the peak amplitude, particularly for music that has been limited. If a track has peaks at or very close to 0 Dbfs, you should reduce the amplitude before resampling to avoid clipping (for music with heavy limiting I recommend -1 Dbfs, for music with a natural dynamic range -0.2 is fine).
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    Nice, will check that. Thanks !

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    Thanks, Abramelin!!!! +1 added .

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    Thank you!

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    Many Thanks.


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