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Thread: Neverwinter MMO Gamerip (Music only, Not Transcoded)

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    Neverwinter MMO Gamerip (Music only, Not Transcoded)

    This is my first Gamerip post. I recently downloaded this MMO, but so far have only watched 2 longish introductory cutscenes. Perusing the game's directory, I discovered a 3GB file names sound.hogg, and used a special non-GUI tool to extract the contents, which were all Fsb files. I deleted all of the SFX files.

    Don't be scared of the .fsb files. Fsb is a container which can hold music encoded in assorted codecs (if this case raw ogg files). Some Fsbs hold but a single file, others contain multiple tracks. There is a tool to extract the oggs, but they lack header info and are unplayable. There are programs and plugins which allow you to play and/or convert the Fsb files. My choice is Foobar with the VgmStream plugin [Hidden link. Register to see links.] . Simply drop & drag the fsb files into the main foobar pane to play them or convert them into any format that Foobar can output.

    I have included a program called "FMOD FSB Extractor.exe", written by a good German. When run the exe will extract all of the music from the fsbs in it's directory and save them as wav. From there you can transcode them to any any format, but I recommend keeping them as Fsbs since they are smaller in size, and this prevents the music being further degraded by another round of lossy compression.

    [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

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    Thanks my guy!

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    Thanks Abramelin

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    A super big thank you, Abramelin! Not only for the Neverwinter music, but for the small program that allowed me to extract the Revelation Online fsb files that were driving me crazy!

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    Anyone know of a Mac FSB converter that doesn't cost $30? And thanks for this!


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