I've been looking for this album for a bit, haven't been able to get it anywhere that isn't... super dubious, and I'm way too paranoid. Also couldn't find it here. I deserve any and all flaming if this ends up being a "if it'd been a snake, it'd-a bit ye" moment.

Sadly can't seem to fit in images, but here's everything I know about this:

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Also, this is a super vague request so... take it as you will, but I've been looking for the source of the music that comes from this video. [Hidden link. Register to see links.]
Super volume warning, by the way. I can't really ask the guy where it came from, but all I know is that it's the River City Ransom/Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari Mid-Boss theme, and it had to have been arranged by something like S.S.H or Hellion Sounds. Been looking for this one for eons.