Going after the seven legendary stones, the "Chaos Emerald", Sonic and friends continue to fight the evil genius professor Dr. Eggman.

The moment Sonic entered Eggman's headquarters, the seven Chaos emeralds gathered and created a large "Chaos Control", which blew Sonic and the others through time into the human world. There, Sonic met a kind boy, Chris... All of them were separated in an unknown world.

Will they be able to reunite? And what will happen to Eggman's world domination plan... ?

Series Information

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction
Year: 2003 - 2006
Episodes: 79 (78 episodes + 1 pilot)
Director: Hajime Kamegaki
Producer: Takeshi Sasamura, Tadahito Matsumoto
Writer: Hiro Masaki
Studio: TMS Entertainment

File Information

Runtime: 78eps. x 25 mins + 1 pilot x 4:31
Video: h264, 23.976fps, 700-1200 kb/s, 960x720
Audio: Japanese 2.0 Stereo AAC, 120-180 kb/s
Subtitles: Soft, English


Note 1: It is one large file, 13.35 GB (if anyone needs smaller chunks and files, let me know and I'll see what can be done)
Note 2: Once you've downloaded it, change the extension of the file from .gif to .zip