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Thread: [Request] F-Zero Albums

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    [Request] F-Zero Albums

    There are two specific F-Zero albums I'm looking for that apparently I do not have in my collection.

    • F-Zero the Graded Driver

    These two were listed in [Hidden link. Register to see links.], and the link for them is dead.

    As a trade for these two, I do have a few rare F-Zero albums.

    One is the Jazz Arranged edition for F-Zero. Another is a rip from F-Zero: Climax. I also have the F-Zero X Expansion OST, and perhaps some remixes that have been lost in time, either because the remixers pulled them off the internet or they have just been forgotten. I may or may not also have some other rare albums here and there from other games as well, and some soundtracks.

    So, if you do have these albums, please PM me! I'd love to get my hands on them to keep my F-Zero collection as complete as possible!

    [EDIT] Got what I needed! Can ignore this request!
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    Any chance you could PM me a link to the F-Zero jazz album?

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    I guess he was refering to this one : [Hidden link. Register to see links.]


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