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Thread: Looking to play FF7 again after about 20 years: ps1 vs pc

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    Looking to play FF7 again after about 20 years: ps1 vs pc

    Like the title says: I know the legit way is to play via playstation, but I have never played the PC port. Anyone have any experience with the PC version? One benefit would be that I could play without getting grief from the mrs. haha

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    I like the PS version better. I hate the level of drm in the PC version... too much of a hassle.
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    depends which pc version. original release had midi music which was cancer.
    i heard the new steam version has the same music as the psx version.

    but id rather play the psx version.
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    For me the original for PS is unbeatable. But that's me.

    If you want to go for cutey crispy graphics PC or emulators are your choice with the recommended graphical tweaks.

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    The PC version is perfectly fine. There are some minor glitches that happen when you customize the controller, but you can reset to default as needed (I only had to do it twice in my play through). The versions aren't appreciably different really and PC is certainly more convenient for me at least.


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