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Thread: [REQUEST] Mighty Gunvolt Burst

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    [REQUEST] Mighty Gunvolt Burst

    I'm looking for anyone with a proper gamerip (or to make one, if possible) of the music from Mighty Gunvolt Burst as no known album of the game has been made to my knowledge. I found a few rips on YouTube, but 1) it's incomplete and 2) the uploaded video recordings are shoddy at best. So if anyone knows of or can make a gamerip set of decent quality for this game, if at all possible, I'd be quite appreciative.

    For reference: [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

    As one can tell, while the music is there, the quality just doesn't feel up to snuff. So yeah, hence the request. Thanks in advance.

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    To be honest, I just used Jdownloader, copied this whole playlist and converted the files to .mp3 because I didn't find a gamerip anywhere


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