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Thread: Mines of Narshe

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    Mines of Narshe

    I've been playing FFVI for the first time these past couple of months, and I'm having a blast. I'm right about near the end now, and there's only one thing so far that I truly cannot stand: the caves of Narshe. There are four, maybe even five, different entrances to the various sections. I realize that the whole point of Narshe is that it's a mining town, but still... the layout bugs me so much. I kept getting confused as to where I was, where I'd been, etc. Maybe I just have crappy spatial intelligence. Am I the only one?

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    You can find map layouts for the game online if you need them. One of the things about FF6 is that sometimes there will be an entrance/exit/underpass that doesn't seem like it's there.

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    Best way to remember it:

    Arvis' house leads to Mog's cave and outskirts of town.
    The Frozen Esper you meet in the beginning leads to the Ice Field and Umaro's Cave.

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    You forgot to mention that left turn from the town entrance that takes you to n00b school.

    You can't progress in the game until you pass the scholar-NPCs' exam; 90% or higher is passing.
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