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Thread: Dragon Ball - Z - Complete BGM Collection [FLAC]

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    Is it possible that someone can RE-UP ??
    Thanks in advance.

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    Can I have the link please?

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    Sorry but this is far, far, far away from being the 'Complete BGM Collection' it's more accurate to call it a 'BGM Collection' as it's missing a lot of the BGMs from the DBZ series. This is due to TOEI's fault not taking care of their media as they should have.

    Dragon Ball CDs with BGMs of DB/Z:

    . Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Z - 4 CDs
    . Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Z - 5 CDs
    . Dragon Ball Z - BGM Collection (this one)
    . Dragon Ball Z - Unreleased Movie BGMs (custom soundtrack)

    I reckon there's also a lot more CDs, specifically official ones. Besides the BGMs on the official CDs, you can find some unreleased on YouTube.

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    I think everyone already knows is not a complete. specially the suites of brolly movies which all had soundtrack release, and lost of music is missing from those suits. AT LEAST... we have the other movies cues like tapion and janemba movie.

    I stopped working in making my custom collection of unreleased music of dragon ball and dragon ball z, because it seems i am cursed on working on that. every time I picked it to work on.... the universe always had to shit on me regarding that project. So I gave up and quit on it. There was honestly too much strange interference, since losing rips out of nowhere and buying a new computer, and you don't wanna know the rest of the curse story about it.
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    Can you send me the link please?

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    The creator of the post is banned. He will not be able to send you a link !!!

    Here is a temporary link (it's up to you to put mirror links): [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

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    Thanks linterceptor!

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    Hello, could I have the link too, please?

    My bad, sorry, i missed the second page before replyin'


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