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Thread: Section Specific Rules

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    Exclamation Section Specific Rules

    1. Review and obey the forum-wide Rules & Guidelines

    2. Post new content in existing threads whenever possible

    Use the search function to find if there already is a thread with the same content of the release you intend to post.
    The original poster of the same content should post the newer mirror links in the first post.
    If the original poster has become inactive (away 3 months or longer) let the section mod know about the new fresh links and they will edit the original posters thread to include said links. This will save confusion for link seekers of the original content who can easily overlook the newer posts with fresh links.
    Lets make this place a tight and helpful community by helping each other and staff out when ever possible.

    3. All links must go in their own thread

    Each soundtrack must have its own thread. this may be in addition to being posted in megathreads/collections threads. this isn't retroactively enforced, but will be for new posts.
    This is to make searching easier.

    4. Title Format, Mirror Linking, File Format

    The soundtrack name is a given, but if possible and when the soundtrack name isn't too long to add any info, it would be best to add which format the soundtrack is in, such as FLAC, MP3, OGG, M4A or whatever, also the bit rate if it's MP3, like 320, 256, 224, 192, vbr etc. The composer name would also be a plus to be included, but it's not a priority if there's not enough room. When there's not enough room for additional information, please add it to the thread itself, it really does help others that have a preference when it comes to bit rates/format. This will also help mods to merge threads if any do happen to slip through.

    Here's an example:
    Sélect Hotel - Jérôme Coullet (1996) [FLAC + 320]

    5. Mirror Linking

    We're not really out to stop this, just for people posting mirror links to do it in an already existing thread. This only really applies to newer releases that get posted within a week or two of each other. Not really going to set a time limit on it, if you're reposting something you know someone else already posted, then post it in their thread and just give credit or whatever. The bit rates need to be the same too, if there's a different bit rate, then a new thread would be ok.

    Also, while the posting of mirror links is ok in already created threads for the soundtrack in question, there's just one rule that we ask you follow when doing so. If the op used a MEGA link, please don't post another MEGA link in that thread, unless the link is dead, then it would be ok. Same applies for other links posted after, we don't need mirrors of mirrors of mirrors :P

    These new guidelines are not to discourage people from posting links, it's just a way to keep the forums a bit cleaner and to respect original posters of the music. If you see people posting dupe threads, just give them a friendly reminder, no need to chew them out about it, it'll take a while for people to get used to this.

    6a. Prohibited labels and composers

    Read the first thread in [Hidden link. Register to see links.] and be sure to check it for updated listings.

    6b. Varèse Sarabande

    Effective 02-04-2016 there is to be NO posts featuring Varèse Sarabande releases.
    Do not offer to exchange links via PM or through thread responses.
    Older posts featuring VS releases will be locked and moved seven days later

    Report threads known to be VS releases by clicking the report button
    or report it in the [Hidden link. Register to see links.] thread.

    Members who disregard this rule will first receive a warning then have their thread closed and moved to the dead zone.
    Members who continue to post VS release will be given an infraction, three infractions gets you a ban.

    6c. No mainstream music

    This would be for music genres/albums that are NOT soundtracks to film or tv.
    We allow trailer music and classical here.

    Adele's newest album is NOT allowed.
    Adele's single for Skyfall IS allowed since it's an OST single for the film of the same name.

    Rock, progressive rock, metal, heavy metal, death metal, jazz, contemporary, easy listening, country, etc.
    There are a lot of genre music here.
    We only allow soundtracks, classical and trailer in this section.

    Every now and then someone posts a mainstream album that is not affiliated to any film out there and does not constitute as a soundtrack.
    Jessie is quick to close/delete these threads.

    If Blink 182 release a new album and call it "the soundtrack to their lives" in an interview, that doesn't make it a soundtrack.
    If Blink 182 creates a short film about their lives and then releases a soundtrack to that short film, that's the soundtrack.

    "Various Artist" soundtracks are not "mainstream" as they are for/inspired by soundtracks to the selected film.

    We shouldn't have to go into a lot of details and spend hours here writing up the fine print.

    Report any mainstream albums that are not soundtracks, trailer or classical.

    "Trailer" music is not "mainstream" nor ever will be.
    No one at any job I've ever had said "let's listen to Two Steps From Hell".

    7. No trading threads
    This means a poster will trade a release he has if you do the same.
    There are plenty of places on the net that accept this practice, we DO NOT.
    Threads of this nature will deleted by the staff.

    8. Requests
    Make sure you post your request in [Hidden link. Register to see links.]
    DO NOT post your request in [Hidden link. Register to see links.]
    Otherwise, your thread will be merged or deleted without notice.

    Sarah, Jessie, tehƧP@ƦKly†ANK™ -Ⅲ¼ and Zoran
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