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Thread: Chrono trigger review thoughts

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    Chrono trigger review thoughts

    So i played through chrono trigger first time in 2007 and even though it was a lot after it came out, i really really liked the game.

    I was impressed with the fact you time traveled and visited other cities and ahd interesting things going on, and the characters interactions were good.I really liked luca and frog and ayla.I liked robo too.

    The music was really great and the gameplay was addicting.It had everything i wish a final fantasy game had:replayability to get different endings.Even the visual places were pleasing to look at.I played a little more recently the ds version and it was everything i hoped chrono trigger would be:It had the same story but added a few new things.

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    CTS was great. That game has some of the best music ever.

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    Chrono Trigger has had a special place in my heart since it first came out on the super nintendo. The music is fantastic and the story still holds up well all these years later. I'm currently playing it through again on my iPad. I also really liked Chrono Cross. I only wish that they would make a new game in the series.


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