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Thread: Most (positively) Surprising Anime

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    Most (positively) Surprising Anime

    I've seen that we have a topic for the anime that disappointed us because we expected more of them. But how about the opposite? Have you experienced any anime that went beyond your initial expectations and turned out to be good, great or at least better than you expected?

    So, trying to mimic avilslare, my question here will be: What anime were you most pleasantly surprised by?

    Starting, I think I'll go with.............. Dragon Ball Z (upon rewatching it).

    I thought I used to like DBZ mostly because of the nostalgia factor, but I already had in my mind that it was just a loutish, clichéd shounen anime. One day I decided to rewatch one specific episode (in the Raditz saga) and was a bit surprised by it. Then I proceeded to watch the whole thing again and was left with a much better impression than the one I had at first, especially up until the Freezer/Freeza saga. That said, I did have to apply order to enjoy it properly.
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    Well, I have NEVER been as positively surprised than watching PUNCH LINE! I thought first the series is absolutely crock, with only fan-service and stupid plot... but OH BOY was I wrong. The series is seriously awesome after it kicks in... I almost chomped down the whole series in one go which is very rare nowadays. I will also buy the visual novel that was just released for Vita very soon!
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    Gakkō Gurashi(School-Live!).

    At first I thought "Eh, it seems like one of those cutesy anime shows, it doesn't really interest me". I was so wrong lol.


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