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Thread: Sonic Mega Collection + Sonic Gems Collection Original Soundtracks [FLAC] (MEGA)

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    Sonic Mega Collection + Sonic Gems Collection Original Soundtracks [FLAC] (MEGA)

    Track Listing and information can be viewed [Hidden link. Register to see links.]
    Total Runtime: 1:21:47
    Total Tracks: 26

    Unlike my previous downloads, this is a 7z archive already, since mega is a bit slow to download when it has to compress things lately.
    Like all my links, no bullshit, just direct links to the file.

    [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

    Details and Ripping:
    I couldn't find a soundtrack of the Sonic Collections that suited my standards well enough so I went and grabbed my Wii's big old hard drive and extracted both Sonic Mega Collection and Sonic Gems Collection with WIT (part of Wiimms ISO Tools) and used the VGMstream plugin for Winamp along with the Winamp Disk Writer output plugin to create Lossless WAVs of all the music, which I then promptly converted to FLAC, and tagged with the appropriate Information I could find about the artists on Sonic and Sega Retro. Ripped audio out of the SFD files manually with a hex editor and converted to flac. I found out a bit later that Mega Collection Plus has one exclusive track as well, it's credits theme, so I ripped that as well. I went all out too and made a custom album art as well (the one you see above)

    As always, I can 100% guarantee you all my music is as lossless as physically possible.
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