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Thread: My thoughts so far on mass effect 2

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    I have a geth sniper rifle now and geth shield power, but I have to recruit every character on the ship again because the stupid collectors kidnapped Kelly the engineer guy who is Scottish the cook and also. Probably chakwa.

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    Hey there Franz

    Its basically telling a 'Jonny Action Hero and his Dirty Dozen vs the Evil Space Aliens from Space' ripping yarn. The collectors story is just an old fashioned action romp, with you and your band of desperados riding forth to smash those Sectoid wannabes for truth, justice and the Ass Kicking way. In terms of fulfilling its duties as the second part of an ongoing series, it completely abdicates all of that, and in so doing leaves ME3 with an impossible task in trying to bring it all together.

    Because everyone instantly reverts to the 'No, we don't believe in the Reapers' line, so none of the races prepare themselves *at all* for the Reaper invasion in ME3, which by all rights should mean game over right at the start of the third game IMO. In ME2, Shepard is basically just messing about - the Collectors are really not much of a threat, and their masterplan is very silly indeed when its finally revealed. Nevertheless, they are decent enough 'Evil Alien Scum' and the (very) few levels they are on are some of the best in the whole game.

    Basically, this is a really great game. But its a terrible sequel, a hopeless prequel and you really can't call it an RPG at all most of the time. Its a 3D shooter with some talking. But again and I stress this - it is a *fantastic* game in its own rights and on its own merits. Just don't take it too seriously as part of an ongoing trilogy, because they completely and utterly messed that part up.

    Also, in terms of character development, this game sees Shepard lose any real semblance of character. He's a completely blank slate for you to fill in (whereas in the first and third games, they do try to establish some boundaries on that - i.e that Shepard is in his heart an Alliance Marine through and through, that whilst he may take extreme decisions, he is not an evil or power hungry man etc etc). ME2 doesn't really bother with any of that, and just lets you say and do whatever you feel like (without the restrictions of the dialogue wheel of course). It does lead to some truly bizarre situations, especially with Jennifer Hale's female shepard. Generally, she's by far the better performer of the 2, but her interpretation of the Renegade dialogue lines is just crazy. She suddenly turns into some pistol packing, six shootin', rooting tootin, Calamity Jane Cowgirl. I half expected to see her Shepard riding a horse into the final mission, shooting from the hip, chewing baccy and lassoing Collectors...

    NG - if you don't start the final mission *immediately* after the crew are abducted, then most of the Normandy's NPCs will die automatically on the final mission. Your only options are to go straight to the final mission and finish the game immediately (in which case you arrive in time to save them), or continue building up your team and doing missions (in which case they will die and there is nothing you can do about it - Kelly, the cook Rupert, Gabby the Engineer and maybe some others. I think Doc Chakwas survives, but I'm not 100% sure).
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    Loyalty is indeed a rare bird

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    I just beat the game so here is the pros and cons:

    Each ability has at the end a branch to offer something different
    New characters along with old ones
    New guns with more variety
    Better optimization for items(No scrolling to sell guns and items)
    Really good dlc quests and regular quests.
    Good world design.Mass effect one worlds all looked alike
    Paragon system is better
    Upgrading guns is cool and so is upgrading the ship


    You can still more or less just fill up all abilities and end up with the same thing, leaving it a one time play only
    Scanning planets is boring and tedious

    The lack of rover is disappointing

    The inability to leave your hover ship when flying around is disappointing

    Lack of all ammo variety(Shredder ammo,Polonium Ammo, etc etc)

    All ammo going into abilities, leading to missing abilities and being severely underpowered and getting destroyed early on

    The lack of dialogue between you and your team is very disappointing.Most of the time, all they have to say, is I'm sorry but I'm busy talk later.

    The story contradicts itself and chooses for you if you don't use the comic to purposefully save the citadel.On top of that all the bad choices are automatically chosen for you.


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