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Thread: Terraria Complete Soundtrack [FLAC] (MEGA)

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    Terraria Complete Soundtrack [FLAC] (MEGA)

    So the time has come to re-do my Terraria Soundtrack for 1.3.4.

    Two more Terraria updates came about since 1.3, and 2 of these added new tracks. One for the sandstrom in the desert, and one for the Old One's Army.

    They have been added to my complete OST, as will any future ones be as well.

    Additionally I've included encodes of them as VBR MP3.

    What does this mean? Well, it means that every single track in the collection I have here is indefinitely as good as you can find, and probably as good as you ever will find, since Re-logic seems to think the official OST is done, even though it's missing 7 whole tracks. -_-

    1. Title Screen
    2. Title (Console)
    3. Tutorial (Console)
    4. Overworld Day
    5. Alternate Day
    6. Rain
    7. Overworld Night
    8. Eerie
    9. Underground
    10. Alternate Underground
    11. Mushrooms
    12. Desert
    13. Sandstorm
    14. Snow
    15. Underground Snow
    16. Boss 1
    17. Corruption
    18. Underground Corruption
    19. Crimson
    20. Underground Crimson
    21. Boss 3
    22. Old One's Army
    23. Goblin Army
    24. Jungle
    25. Boss 4
    26. Ocean
    27. Ocean (Console)
    28. Space
    29. Space (Console)
    30. Dungeon
    31. Underworld
    32. Boss 2
    33. The Hallow
    34. Underground Hallow
    35. Pirate Invasion
    36. Eclipse
    37. Plantera
    38. Lihzahrd
    39. Golem
    40. Pumpkin Moon
    41. Frost Moon
    42. Martian Madness
    43. Lunar Towers
    44. Moon Lord

    SIZE: 515 MB
    RUN TIME: 1:20:03
    Download: [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

    It'd be a good thing if you [Hidden link. Register to see links.] yourself before you download. Not sure how many people here are in the business of actually doing that though. Anyhow, enjoy.
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