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Thread: Viewtiful Joe subbed?

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    Viewtiful Joe subbed?

    For some weird reason I want to watch Viewtiful Joe again, but this subbed with Japanese audio. The only problem is that it seems extremely hard to find as a few are on youtube. So I ask ffshrine, is there some magic anime site that has it subbed, or would you suggest any places where I could download it, as that may have to be my final option.
    Thanks for reading and listening

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    I have viewtiful joe, but with Spanish dub!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RathianJazz View Post
    I have viewtiful joe, but with Spanish dub!
    ie, the censored version the US has.

    it seems a lot of "mainstream fad anime" that get dubbed in the west is extremely hard to find subbed.
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