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Thread: Legend of Mana Piano Sheet Music Request

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    Legend of Mana Piano Sheet Music Request

    I've been listening to the Legend of Mana soundtrack having not been able to play it, and had the joy of listening to some really notable tracks, including Nocturne, Two Feelings ~Lucemia~, Irwin in Reflection, Overlapping Destinies and the Boss Battle music which is called Pain the Universe
    I was able to find Nocturne, but I am posting on the off chance someone has pdf versions of those songs that I'm looking at? otherwise I could listen to them and work out the parts to it (though they wouldn't be that great I would just be trying to copy down the main melody and the bass part)
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    Not the section to request for music listings etc. Go here and post : [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

    Thread closed.

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