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Thread: Doctor Detroit. Request.

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    Doctor Detroit. Request.

    Please, can anybody upload "Doctor Detroit" soundtrack?
    I have a lot of time looking for it, but the one on only place I found it, the link is broken.
    This is the tracklist:
    1. Theme from Doctor Detroit, Devo (3:10)
    2. Hold Him, Pattie Brooks, Dan Aykroyd (3:22)
    3. King of Soul, James Brown (2:40)
    4. Yo Skridlow, T. K. Carter, Dan Aykroyd (4:40)
    5. Working Girls, Pattie Brooks, Dan Aykroyd (4:48)
    6. Get Up Offa That Thing/Doctor Detroit, James Brown (3:23)
    7. Luv-Luv, Devo (3:36)
    8. You Are the One, Pattie Brooks (4:05)
    9. Get It on and Have a Party, Pattie Brooks (6:09)

    Total duration: 35 minutes

    Thank you in advance.

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    Would like this, too.

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    Was there ever any of the score by Lalo Schifrin released?


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