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Thread: Outcast of the Star Trek Thread Reunion Thread Part II

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    Make it so!

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    Tea, Earl Grey, hot.

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    I'm not to keen on the idea of Picard being in jj universe...a bad idea as far as I am concerned. None of the original crew will be back, and the whole change of the time line means everything is different so Next-Gen did not happen (at lest the way we know it) and we have seen the episode ("Tapestry") were Picard was wounded by a phaser blast and Q granted Picards request to change his life and in the end Picard was nothing but a lowly no nothing lieutenant. Some of the rumors I have read, Picard is on his family vineyard retired so this would take place in the early 25th century? so what is he going to be? a roving Ambassador for the UFP? A retired Starfleet Captain they jam into tough situations? (he'll never get any rest) who knows, but I still stand by my comment "A bad idea" and one Star Trek fans are not going to like! plus the down side is not a lot of viewers because of the CBS access crap (more money we have to spend) adds to less viewership then doing a National TV show...Nope this is one Star Trek show I will not watch, well make that two! I don't watch Discovery either! I've had enough of JJ's universe crap and bastardizing a great idea from Gene Roddenberry all in the name of "Lets change everything we know and love about Star Trek because we are in the 21st century and Star Trek has to change! because we have changed" what a load of crap

    On a side note, has anyone checked the box office take of the last 3 JJ Star Trek Movies? No! well they have not done very well and I wonder why! It seems there may not be a 4th one, since Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth are asking for major motion picture actor salaries (something like Dwayne Johnson 40 million a picture) and Paramount Replaying No Way In Hell! We shall see what happens, thou I won't be seeing this Star Trek movie either, I stopped at the 2009 one.

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