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Thread: Space Battleship Yamato Season 3 (480p)

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    Space Battleship Yamato Season 3 (480p)

    A stray missile from a confrontation between the Galman empire and the Bolar Federation crashes into the sun, turning it into a time bomb of radiation. The Star Force once again sets off into space, this time on a quest to look for a new world for the human race.

    Series Info
    Year Released: 1980
    Episode Length: 24-26 Minutes
    Number of episodes: 25
    Categories: Sci-Fi
    Producer: Leiji Matsumoto

    File Info
    Resolution: 720 x 480
    Container: mkv
    Codec: Xvid
    Audio Language: Japanese
    Subtitles: English
    File Size: 250 MB approx.
    Fansub By: sandaphon999


    Code: 3x01.mkv 3x02.-Great Battle on the Milky Way..mkv 3x03.-Star Forces Embarks at Dawn.mkv 3x04.-Shoot for Planet Mars..mkv 3x05.-S.O.S Legendra!.mkv 3x06.-Great Battle Near Planet Brumas.mkv 3x07.-The Rough Seas of Alpha Centauri..mkv 3x08.-The Last Pioneer.mkv 3x09.-Battle at Barnard Star.mkv 3x10.-DagonĀ·s New Fleet Counter-attacks.mkv 3x11.-Yamato Faces Danger at Cygnus.mkv 3x12 - Stellar Prison Camp.mkv 3x13.-Dreadful Bolar Federation.mkv 3x14 - Subspace Submarine Captain Galman Wolf.mkv 3x15 - Yamato's Captured!.mkv 3x16 - Festive Day for Desslok.mkv 3x17 - Desslok's Empire in a Crisis.mkv 3x18 - The Angry Sun.mkv 3x19 - On the Way to Planet Phantom.mkv 3x20 - The Planet of lllusions.mkv 3x21 - Lost Hope.mkv 3x22 - Farewell Planet Phantom.mkv 3x23 - Battle at the Scalageck Star Cluster.mkv 3x24 - Secret of Planet Guardiana.mkv 3x25 - Yamato, Shoot that Sun!.mkv
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    Unfortunately all links are offline, but thanks for posting this series.

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    I have season one. Japanese w/english subs. Really wanted 3!


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