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Thread: What's the point of buying the Costa del sol villa?

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    What's the point of buying the Costa del sol villa?

    If you go into the house at the top of the stairs on disk 3, and see the guy sleeping on the bed, he'll be like someone with real money! Talk to him agan and he says are you really going to buy it? And your options are Yes, for 300,000 or no

    i bought there any point to it?
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    It's a free place to stay.

    But essentially, no.

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    Well at least you can say you own tour own villa.
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    Well, if you had the money to buy a villa, would you?

    Or you'd just keep the money and win.
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    It is a free place to stay, like Bahamut Zero mentioned already. It is funny if you go there with Barret in your team. Go there to take a nap, and when you wake up, you'll see him in the bathroom....

    You can call it your own, and this Shinra manager is going to leave the house....but that's about it. I always buy it, because at the end I do have more money I can ever spend. As a real fan I get it, but there is no need to.

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    Yes. Exactly what everyone else say. You feel like you own something...well, more like Cloud does. If they could zoom in, he would be happy, finally owning a piece of property. Besides healing your members, its close to the beach. Wish there was a minigame to make Cloud swim or watch the group played volleyball or something.
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    I just bought it because of the money I kept earning from leveling up the materia I needed to beat Emerald Weapon. Just to get rid of all the gil I no longer needed. I had 99 potions, 99 Hi-potions, 99 tents, etc., had to get rid of the 2,000,000 gil I had, because I was so obsessed with beating Ruby and Emerald Weapons.
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    i wouldnt of thought there was much point of buying it

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    the only reason i bought it was cause of the free place to stay

    pluss the fact i so much money i just had to spend it OMG Im so snobby
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    The reason I bought the villa was really just because it's in the game and the very first time I bought it I didn't even know what he was selling for 300,000 Gil so I thought whatever it was it had to be good.


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