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Thread: Death Note (DVD 480p)

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    Death Note (DVD 480p)

    Main Title: Death Note
    Japanese Title: ?????
    Year: 2006
    Episodes: 37
    Categories: drama, mystery, psychological, supernatural, thriller
    Director: Araki Tetsurou

    Group: Virus123
    Source: R1 DVD9
    Video: MKV | x264 | 720x480 (852x480) | ~600 - ~800 Kb/s
    Audio 1: English | AC3@256 | 2.0
    Audio 2: Japanese | AC3@256 | 2.0
    Subtitle 1: English (Signs/Titles/Songs) | .ass
    Subtitle 2: English | .ass

    Light Yagami is an ace student with great prospects, who's bored out of his mind. One day he finds the "Death Note": a notebook from the realm of the Death Gods, with the power to kill people in any way he desires. With the Death Note in hand, Light decides to create his perfect world, without crime or criminals. However, when criminals start dropping dead one by one, the authorites send the legendary detective L to track down the killer, and a battle of wits, deception and logic ensues...


    Code: Note S01E01 Rebirth[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][9D44837B].mkv Note S01E02 Confrontation[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][77EED762].mkv Note S01E03 Dealings[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][97EF55A9].mkv Note S01E04 Pursuit[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][E6EB83B5].mkv Note S01E05 Tactics[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][3C12EB84].mkv Note S01E06 Unraveling[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][96FA92C0].mkv Note S01E07 Overcast[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][12DC29BD].mkv Note S01E08 Glare[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][79F2A711].mkv Note S01E09 Encounter[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][EBBBD483].mkv Note S01E10 Doubt[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][4B25816E].mkv Note S01E11 Assault[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][85E5661A].mkv Note S01E12 Love[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][A78A15FB].mkv Note S01E13 Confession[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][9D7FCFB2].mkv Note S01E14 Friend[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][E1C38020].mkv Note S01E15 Wager[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][FAA5F8A4].mkv Note S01E16 Decision[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][7D51EF91].mkv Note S01E17 Execution[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][AC77DE68].mkv Note S01E18 Ally[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][65BD288F].mkv Note S01E19 Matsuda[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][62D8AA75].mkv Note S01E20 Makeshift[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][4E506547].mkv Note S01E21 Performance[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][DF2E43D8].mkv Note S01E22 Guidance[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][8AFA7E64].mkv Note S01E23 Frenzy[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][ECE33A45].mkv Note S01E24 Revival[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][4F4D16A3].mkv Note S01E25 Silence[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][FF608BA9].mkv Note S01E26 Renewal[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][D439B406].mkv Note S01E27 Abduction[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][8885D763].mkv Note S01E28 Impatience[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][36522F78].mkv Note S01E29 Father[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][D2F8C295].mkv Note S01E30 Justice[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][FF680520].mkv Note S01E31 Transfer[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][53D17A8F].mkv Note S01E32 Selection[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][5BDA1362].mkv Note S01E33 Scorn[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][62EE59A9].mkv Note S01E34 Vigilance[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][79EE085E].mkv Note S01E35 Malice[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][5BA4BAB4].mkv Note S01E36 1.28[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][88EAB7DF]v2.mkv Note S01E37 New World[Virus123][x264][DVD][Dual Audio][A7989E03].mkv
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    *Sorry for the bump*
    Any chance you have this episodes somewhere? Download is not available.

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