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Thread: Which character would you really be? Test it!

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    Well it turned out i am Laguna.. and second compatibility was headmaster Cid. I think i am closer to Cid

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    1:Elleone Loire 100%
    2:Edea Kramer 82%
    3:Irvine kinneas 82%
    4:Laguna Loire 82%

    For fun:I keep getting I am sephiroth for some reason as a villain, or hojo and xdeath, but I keep getting sephiroth more than others.What does that say about my character as a villain?

    I'm not even trying either to get him.

    Quizzicle:Sephiroth without trying
    Quotev:Kuja.Because I choose to murder everyone in secret dissidia:I got Kefka Kefka again and second time cloud of darkness
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