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Thread: Rallisport Challenge 1 & 2

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    Rallisport Challenge 1 & 2

    Rallisport Challenge

    GameRip [PC]

    Format: WAV (lossless)

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    Album version

    Format: MP3
    Bitrate: 320kbps

    1. Androyd - Spellbinder
    2. Androyd - Tech-Head
    3. Ball of Waxx - Infrared*
    4. Big Idea - Hit
    5. Big Idea - Out of My Way
    6. Big Idea - Suicide Machine
    7. Dub Pistols - Kill the DJ*
    8. Fear Factory - Cyberdyne*
    9. Foetus - Quick Fix (CC Mix)*
    10. Frontside - L.B.P.*
    11. Hardknox - Come in Hard*
    12. Hardknox - Come in Hard (Instrumental)*
    13. Rallisport Challenge Intro (Video rip)
    14. Soundmine - Back Up
    15. Soundmine - Cold Fission
    16. Soundmine - G-Force
    * -  Full-length tracks
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    Rallisport Challenge 2

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    Album version

    - Format: MP3; WMA*
    - Bitrate: VBR

    1. Anomaly Music - Blinded*
    2. Anomally Music - Built To Last*
    3. Anomally Music - On the Verge*
    4. Anomaly Music - St. Vincent*
    5. Anomally Music - The Future Behind*
    6. Atlas Plug - 2 Days or Die
    7. Atlas Plug - Get Rolled On
    8. Atlas Plug - Rule the World
    9. Celldweller - Symbiont
    10. Crossbreed - Breathe
    11. Crossbreed - Concentrate
    12. Fletcher Beasley (Beat Revolution) - Throwing A Bone*
    13. Fletcher Beasley (Beat Revolution) - Trash Talk*
    14. Foetus - Quick Fix (Charlie Clouser Mix)
    15. Grade 8 - Headcase
    16. Ill Nino - If You Sitll Hate Me
    17. Ill Nino - Rumba
    18. MDFMK - Rabble Rouser
    19. Monster & Maskiner - She's Goodbad But She Ain't Evil
    20. Peter Kerekes (Beat Revolution) - Untitled Interface Music (Main Menu Theme)
    21. Peter Kerekes (Beat Revolution) - Rosie*
    22. Pitchshifter - 2nd Hand
    23. Pitchshifter - Please Sir
    24. Pitchshifter - Wafer Thin
    25. Point One - Bionic Sphinx
    26. Primer 55 - G's
    27. Primer 55 - Loose
    * - from JBTND's Streamed Rip
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    Fantastic. A shame no one has yet to comment on this. Many thanks for you splendid effort. Such a treat! Too bad we will probably see another Rallisport game.
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    Thank you for this, It was one of my favorite game on Xbox, I played a lot on xbox live (I won a local championship and received a PS2), and even now I play this game from time to time.....

    My bad, the main menu theme of RS2 is present too.
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    Big thnx for REAL GUI track from R(S)C2! It was also pretty interesting to get familiar with original versions of most songs as they even have some parts of them thrown out in no-vox variants. So it`s a nice ride (your album variations I mean) although my life won`t be the same after I heard CC`s mix from both titles (is it really used in sequel? Was it actually mentioned in any tracklist? I wanna say that pre-release listings are often not 1:1 identical to their final revisions) w/ vocals which are only present in my most favorite section of the composition! Anyway I expected a bit more "karaoke" ones in RC II custom album and was seriously surprised not to find P55`s 2nd song from my own upload. Were you (and maybe still are) unsure about its origin? I can tell you where I got it from as it`s another unofficial (almost) LP-type release but definitely transcode.
    Bye, all the best! You ever thought about similar topics for Crackdown (Riot act), Final fight - Streetwise and maybe even Enter the matrix? The latter one is supposedly exclusive-full so the likes of Herrera musics are only to be discovered in VG files IE ripped but still...
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