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Thread: Did you cried in FFX2??

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    Fucking owned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonlapse Vertigo View Post
    You sure thats a dream in which you're a moron?
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    I cried like a baby in Final Fantasy X right before the final battle when Tidus says "I'm saying goodbye!" (The game was spoiled for me too, so I knew what was gonna happen, but I still cried). So, I was crying throughout the whole final battle and then after that battle and all throughout the ending and the credits. When I replayed the game, I still cried, just not as hard.

    In Final Fantasy X-2, there's only one part in the whole game that makes me cry. It's in Chapter 5 when you're trying to get the Episode Complete for Luca and reliving scenes from Final Fantasy X. Maybe it's because I'm an emotional waterspout but to me, that scene just really makes me feel the pain Yuna had for the past two years without Tidus.

    Yes, I know I'm a huge crybaby.

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    The games not that sad, it made me cringe with the over-the-top, spoil it's predescessor girly attitude but never cry.
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    When I saw the "sad" ending, yes. With the other cutscenes and endings, not really.

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    almost almost cried

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    No, the first time I saw it, I remembered Koda Kumi singing it.

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    M'kay, so I have a lot of mixed reactions to this game's more emotional points.

    I have to say that during Yuna's dream in which she and Tidus were running from the guards beneath Bevelle, I didn't really like Tidus and Yuna as characters, so I really didn't care about the scene (especially since it was just a dream). But when they showed it with Shuyin and Lenne during the 1000 words concert (and everything else that concert shows) I was as close to tears as can be.

    As for the endings, again, I very much dislike Tidus so the "sad" ending didn't touch me. I also dislike the ending in which he "returns". It just wasn't explained. I think the only reason he came back was to please the TidusxYuna fans. I think it was unnecessary the way it was presented. Why did he just pop up out of the water like that?

    As for the normal ending, the combination of the music and the beautiful airship imagery, as well the fact that the game was over, had me pretty sad and teary-eyed. But I like that ending and wish they had just kept it that way.

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    i actually had tears when i get to know more about shuin and lenne's story.. it was sad... T_T
    and i did have tears again at the end of tidus when he knew he was only a dream T_T he get to know he didn't even exist.. T_T this is sad.. and he is my favourite.. T_T

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hex Omega View Post
    What part of the game would inspire one to cry, exactly?
    Quote Originally Posted by MorgothErmis View Post
    i cried because the game sucked compared to FFX
    I cried at some points in the story..Mostly because I don't think the game sucked, and really enjoyed the world of Spira coming back.

    [Possible Spoilers]
    In the Thunder Plain's Concert, when Shuyin and Lenne hug.
    When Yuna is remembering all the memories of Tidus in Luca.
    In the Sad Ending when Yuna says: "I love you."
    And finally, when Shuyin died, because lets face it, he was the only cool character besides Yuna and Paine.

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    Im a bit of a cynic who over analyses everything, thus I find it hard to cry at most games.


    Like in FF7 when sephy stabbed aeris my first reaction was "why is there no blood, shes fine! nah dont dump her in there, all she needs is a few stiches! wtf are you doing cloud!" - yeah Im a freak.

    In FFX-2 I was kinda the same, like during the concert all I could think was "WTF since when did Yuna sing? did I miss the memo in FFX that shes actually a pretty decent J-pop singer?" Same when they are being shot, all I could think was "Now hang on Ive been shot hundreds of times in this game, been hit with fire, water and thunderbolts, been biten by wild dogs and crushed by huge machina - theres no way a few bullets will finish me off!"

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    I almost cried during the good and perfect endings*tears of joy*

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    yes, Yuna did not end up with Payne and Rikku... ><

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    I cried from the terribly cliche storyline...if that counts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marshall Lee View Post
    I cried upon realizing what I had gotten myself into
    Haha for real!

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    I cried because FFX-2 ruled FFX's beautiful ending!

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    I got teary-eyed, FFX & FFX-2 have the best storyline in my opinion.


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