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Thread: Rules for Role Playingl Gaming Discussion

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    Rules for Role Playingl Gaming Discussion

    Fairly simple and straightforward.

    Be polite and courteous in your responses to others. Any flaming, will result in the offending post being edited of the comment.
    Do NOT revive dead threads. Any thread older than 6 months, leave it buried. If you want to discuss it, make a new thread.
    Do NOT post download links for OST's etc in this subforum. Post them instead in their relevant subforum in the Download Section.

    See? Told you simple and straightforward. Of course, these may be edited/added onto in the future if deemed necessary by one of the moderators/admin.
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    The Code of the Sith
    Nw l kash zo tash antai kash tik sh sot.
    Pro sh sot nu gauti ty k
    Pro ty k nu gauti midwan
    Pro midwan nu gauti pergaleas
    Pro pergaleas nuyak aras svistuis
    Tave qy sik sekleti won nun

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