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Thread: Who is your Fav FF Character? Why?

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    Auron is my favorite male character Not likely ever going to change lol

    I agree on Sephiroth as the best villain!

    Not sure about a favorite female character, I like quite a few very much, can't decide between them xD

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    Auron is my favorite too! But after playing XV, Ardyn is itching up into that first spot I think

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    My all time favorite FF character, after watching all the DoC cutscenes on YouTube, I'd have to say it was Shalua Rui. She lost an eye, an arm, and lots of internal organs, most of what I believe is attributed to torture, they never really say, but they kinda hint that she was betrayed by the 'original' AVALANCHE group, and most of the characters when they go through what she did, they had some kind of psychological break/meltdown, and either become 'villains' or whiny-crybabies(Cloud anyone?). Never a suggestion that happened to Shalua. The only time we see her 'breakdown' is when she finally finds Shelke. But once she recovers from the shock of end of her 10year search, she's okay again and letting her sister know who's boss. I wish we could see that inner strength/fortitude more in female characters.

    My favorite male character would be Reno. And my favorite villain would be a toss-up between Hojo and Vayne.

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    Predictable answers i knew cloud and sephy would get love.

    Personally i think my fave is hard to pinpoint, instead i'l give my opinion about favorite for each game.

    I always really could understand terra so much her pain.FF6 to me had better chars.I feel so bad for terra, and i think she got it the worse.She was a slave forced to kill people all her life and she was an outsider.She witnessed the deaths of so many people and then her father died, its so heartbreaking.

    Shadow:He's a very sad character who hides in the shadow and lives in regret of what he has done.He has a cool theme cool attacks and very interesting deep character.
    Locke:I love his personality and his theme.Locke cole's theme is awesome and uplifting.The death of rachel is very sad i feel sorry for locke.He was kicked out of his girlfriends home and treated as a traitor even though he was a good man.He even tried to save her.

    Sabim:His story of his mother dying and his brother taking over as the king is sad.I can understand why he would run away even if i don't agree with running away from his responsibility.He tries to do the right thing after running away plus he's always funny.

    Kefka:He's the character i literally love to hate.He's an amazing villain.He's so insane and sick, yet so sad.He became a god and lost all hope.Part of the reason for his actions is he was driven insane from magicite and further driven into despair from becoming a god, yet i despise him in game he's the worse of the worse in villains.

    Vivi:I like vivi as the black mage and thought he's cool.I really love the black mage village theme, its amazing.The whole thing at the start where you see the cutscene in the start screen is so sad.I feel sorry for vivi because he doesn't know he was made as a weapon, plus he's kinda fun to watch when he walks around and talks to dagger/garnet.

    Kain ff4:Kain and cecil are so good i just can't not have him on my list.Kain is awesome because he is a flawed character.He is jealous of cecil having rose and he loves rosa but he keeps it to himself.He got manipulated to kidnap her because of his jealousy and desire to have rosa for himself, yet he felt guilty about it.He has a cool voice in the ds series too.

    Cecil:I feel genuinely sorry for cecil because he was used to kill villagers to steal a crystal and found out he was being used.He was forced to wield black knight armor and use evil powers.He was tricked to take a package to kill rydias parents leading to a tragedy and finds out golbez is his brother.We find out he truly repents and he tries to repent at the start by saving rydia and rebelling against the kings wishes and becomes a paladin.I feel sorry for rydia as well.I as a kid admired cecil a lot and thought paladins were awesome and dragoons.

    Rydia:She lost everything was afraid of fire because of the tragedy and lost her mother.We find out she was one of a kind and i really liked having her.I kinda treated her as if she was my child and i wanted to protect her.

    Golbez:More admiration than anything.Badass music, cool armor cool voice cool magic spells just awesome bad guy.

    Beatrix:I wasn't much of a fan of steiner, but i really like beatrix from ff9.She was so tough and her theme was cool too and she kicked a lot of butt.She wasn't overly agressive just wanted to protect alexandria and the princess.

    Tifa:The more i played ff7 last time, the more i grew to like tifa.She wasn't some dumb bimbo but a tough sweet girl.Cloud was a jerk to her, and didn't deserve to be with her.If she was my girlfriend i would have treated her 10X better.

    Barrett:Seeing how much barret cared about his adoptive daughter made me change my mind.He had so much to lose and become so emotional when she disappeared and he regained her.Seeing how he responded gave me a emotional response.I can understand someone who is a father to lose a child.He is a man with a lot to lose, more than cloud strife in my opinion.

    Yuna:She is willing to sacrifice herself even if it means she dies for her duty.That there is some serious dedication that deserves respect,although:i lost respect when she agreed to seymours marriage proposition.

    Jecht:From a human standpoint jecht is tough on his son because he wants him to grow up to be a man.He's your typical father type.He berates his son but loves his son.He was kinda a jerk but he redeemed himself in the end in my eyes.

    Bartz:He's a funny guy and likeable easy going.Not annoying like some other characters and the comedy makes ff5 easily enjoyable.
    Galuf:Also fun and enjoyable character from ff5 even though their story isn't as complex as later chars

    Unfortunately i can't find a favorite character from FFXIII.Every single character in game i dislike actively or despise.

    Snow:I despise his stupidity and whining about his girlfriend

    Hope:UGH!! i'd rather watch grass grow than play out him or snow's personality.I actively despise hope more than snow, he's the most obnoxious emo CALM DOWN ME i'ts just a game.

    Sazh:He was kinda boring and that chick in his hair made no sense.At least he had a positive outlook but he was boring as a character.
    Same for others except lightning.

    Lightning:Super emo version of female cloud strife with a even dumber backstory.
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    Vincent Valentine.

    He is badass in Advent Children.
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    Of all time? Hard...

    Balthier from FFXII. Coz he's the leading man XD

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    If i say Tidus would i be burned at the cross ?

    His personality serves well to contradict the all seriousness and sad suicidal mission of Yuna and gang..

    Though the 1st FF i played was FF8 when i was a teen. I liked it before and i liked it now.

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    Greatest FF character of all time? The old lingerie...I mean clothes store owner who doesn't want to make Cloud a dress. He really stands up for his convictions, and I think that's beautiful. Plus, he's learned to drown his sorrows in booze like the rest of us, so he's relatable.

    Actually, it's a really close tie between him and the NPC in FF10 who greets you when you land in Jamaica. I mean, the selfless kindness on display there is tough to match. Sure, he may only have one line of dialogue. But, who doesn't?
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    For me it has to be Cait Sith from FFVII, and second place to that kid in FFX that says he wants to be a blitzball when he grows up


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