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Thread: Anima breaks the game.

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    Anima breaks the game.

    Okay, can we pls talk about this because everyone talks about Zanmato like it's the ultimate gamebreaker like, oh you could use Zanmato or you could play the game like a real man, but really I think Anima applies there. Personally I find Zanmato useless; meanwhile, I've not encountered anything outside the Monster Arena* that can't be 1-shotted with Anima's OD.** Like I've had to learn to stop using Anima because every time I do the fight's just over and I'm like, sigh.

    * although I haven't fought Omega Weapon yet (somehow) but that's the only one

    ** or likely even its regular Attack - I remember on my first playthrough 1-shotting the "Final Aeon" with Anima's reg Attack on the 1st turn of the round, accidentally, hoping to just wear it down, & being disappointed at not having a fight

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    To me both Yojimbo and Anima are equals as standard game-breakers... The thing which has Yojimbo get the upper hand is its Zanmato: it kills everything upon which it is unleashed. Anima's Chaos D won't kill Der Richter, or Penance in a single shot.

    Ahhh, I now understand why you may think Anima is a game-breaker. The boss I've mentioned is only in the PAL and International versions of the game - [Hidden link. Register to see links.] [Hidden link. Register to see links.]
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    I think Braska's final aeon is fairly easy to beat with Anima with base stats, but for Omega Weapon, you have to rely on your party as well as your aeons.

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    All the aeons can break the game but especially the ones that break the damage limit like bahamut if you get a teleport sphere and teleport yuna somewhere she can get a lot of strength +4 nodes activated.. these build up the aeon's attack strength quickly... I did 23,000 damage to seymour's second incarnation (in bevelle) with it for that reason.... 13,000 when he casted 'protect'

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    As long as we're on the subject of broken aeons, Valefor's Energy Blast totally breaks the game in the beginning. It does, what, like 2000-3000 damage at the start, when characters are hitting for around 50?
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