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Thread: Which do you prefer? Macross or Robotech?

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    Which do you prefer? Macross or Robotech?

    This has been on my mind for awhile. Which of these two do you prefer? Now, the differences between the two maybe merely semantic, but to me, the differences are there.

    Fristly, the anime Macross : Do you remember love? was a feature anime, and of course, was the anime Harmony Gold, IMO, bastardise with Robotech.

    Firstly, the differences are with the mecha designs. First being the Macross itself. While mainly the same design as the SDF-1 in Robotech, there are some differences between them. One, the SDF-1 has only the one main cannon, which are it's shoulder mounted cannons. The Macross on the otherhand, not only had the shoulder cannons, but also cannon batteries in it's 'arms' and 'legs', which all five cannons were fired in conjunction with the other. The SDF-1, unfortunately, had just one main cannon.

    Another difference between the Macross and SDF-1, it's 'arms'. In Macross : Do you remember love? the arms of the Macross were two armoured space carriers. In Robotech, the SDF-1's arms were the aircraft carrier, Prometheus, and troop carrier, Daedalus.

    Second difference. The Valkyries in Macross, were initally of the space armoured design, with the boosters. The Veritechs in Robotech, started as just the basic model, and you didn't really get to see the space armoured design until much later in the first series of Robotech. By the armoured, I don't mean the armoured missile forms of Valkyrie/Veritech either.

    The character relationships, between their versions in Macross : Do you remember love? and Robotech, are essentially the same as each other, only more detail added in Robotech.

    Also, in Macross : Do you remember love? The Zentraedii (SP?) were a complete male race. The female aliens were known as the Meltraedii (SP?) and the two were the bitterest of enemies. Whilst in Robotech, the aliens were collectively known as the Zentraedii (SP?), and were both male AND female. In Robotech, the aliens also had a more human design, while in Macross, they had a distinct alien look to them.

    Anywayz, this is just something I've been thinking a lot of, since I watched Macross : Do you remember love? earlier today, and I had this similar discussion with a few friends of mine, and I'm just curious as to what everyone here thinks.

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    Well...Macross and Robotech are sorta like the same thing...isn't it? But I rather prefer Macross since Macross Plus was very good.

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    Robotech. But mainly because i grew up with Robotech. I loved the story and the characters. I haven't had a chance to watch any of the Macross series although i did see the first movie on tv as well as the macross plus movie on sci-fi
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