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Thread: Mognet Central sidequest help needed

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    Mognet Central sidequest help needed

    Currently playing ff9 for the first time in about 10 years, and I'm running into a problem I don't remember previously encountering regarding the Mognet Central sidequest; Kupo won't give me the initial letter I need to start off the sidequest en route to recovering the patented hair gel! Im currently on disc 3, just finished Ipsens Castle and about to tackle the 4 shrines. I have already received the flying chocobo and unlocked Mognet Central in the far corner of the map using the dead pepper. Now if my memory serves me correct, I need to talk to Kupo in the Alexandria chapel and he gives me a letter to deliver which starts a new sequence of chain letters to finish the quest. Problem is, Kupo is simply telling me he hasnt received any mail lately when I speak to him, and I am unsure why.

    I don't remember encountering this problem on my previous play through of the game and I am unsure as to why Kupo has no mail for me to deliver. The only thing that I have done differently on this play through from my previous one, is I screwed up and forgot to give a letter from Nanza to Mochos on disc 2 in the Fossil Roo. Problem is, Fossil Roo is now closed off (from both entrances) and I am unable to get to Mochos, unless he has now moved somewhere else that I am unaware of.

    It was my understanding that the Mognet Central sidequest could be completed even if every single letter was not delivered, so I am hoping that I can still complete the quest despite not having delivered the letter from Nanza to Mochos earlier in the game.

    If anybody has any tips/ suggestions on what I can do, it would be greatly appreciated, thank you

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    Welcome! I'm sorry about the late reply.

    In regards to the the Mognet Central quest, from what I remember that can only be done on disc 4 (after you gain the Invincible), as that's about when the moogles state that the letter machine in Mognet Central has broken down. As you stated you're on disc 3, that might be the reason why you can't flag the quest. It's too soon.

    Hopefully this has been helpful.


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