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Thread: List your top five favorite NON FINAL FANTASY RPG's

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    Souls series (Demon's and Dark Souls)
    The Legend of Zelda for SNES and N64
    Chrono series (Trigger and Cross)
    Personas for PS2 (3 and 4)
    Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria

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    I don't slant WPRG's and JRPG's together so this is just my top 5 JRPG list.

    5. Lost Odyssey - Lost Odyssey does start to drag down towards the end but it's still a great game despite that. There's some really great moment's here and there and the ost is amazing.

    4. Demon's Souls - I have my quarrels with this game but those problems don't prevent Demon's Souls being one of the most memorable games out there. Very atmospheric and the soundtrack is fricking amazing on this one too.

    3. Persona 3&4 - I don't really like Persona 3&4 all that much as game but i do love these games because of really well written dialogue and characters.

    2. Disgaea - Really funny and addictive. Nuff said.

    1. Nier - Not only isn't near my favorite JRPG but it's also one of my favorite games of all time. I admit that gameplay wise it's mediocre and the small budget shows but i absolutely love the story and characters this one and Nier probably has the best soundtrack of all time. This game made me cry several times and it was just such a great experience. I love it.

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    non into RPG besides FF but i like Tales of. And Star Ocean.

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    Number 1: Baldur's gate - taken as a whole (BG1+et+BG2+Ext), it's an impressive journey through the forgotten kingdoms of AD&D. Compelling storytelling, lots of freedom, tons of quests and subquests that needed both brute force AND finesse to solve. Also, the romance system was a nice addition to BG 2, adding a supplemental level of roleplay.

    Number 2: Fallout 2 - Because if Mad Max was a game, it would be that one. basically the reasons I liked it are the same as for BG: well written, lots of little things to do that seem insignificant but are later revealed to be important. that and I discovered GOG because of it.

    Number 3: Chrono Trigger: on many levels, it's the best thing ever done by Square Soft, at least up to that point. interesting and funny characters that you feel genuinely attached to, without falling into the trap of self parody, great designs, and a very, very impressive story that does time travel right. that in itself is a miracle.

    Number 4: KOTOR - again, essentially the same reasons as BG, but KOTOR adds a huge measure of epicness through the whole starforge deal. One of the very few star wars superweapons able to make the Death Stars pale in comparison.

    Number 5: prepare the pitchforks: Diablo. yeah, it's a hack'n'slash. Door, monster, Treasure. If the old D&D had to be made into a game, it would be diablo. probably why Wizard released some Diablo modules for both AD&D and D&D3.

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    I can't think of the order, but these would make my top 5. As in replayability, good storyline, and battle systems.

    Star Ocean 1. Yeah, i've finished it more times than can be remembered. It was only released in Japan, but there was a translation done by DEJAP.

    Star Ocean 2. I love how the story, even though it is from two different points of view, is brought together in the actions that you do. There is also alot of customisability in the story (doing subterfuge by stealing and also your fame between characters)

    Also both of these had extensive end game dungeons that you didn't need to complete in a regular play through. Both let you get to Level 255.

    Chrono Trigger, as my interest, I wanted to get past all the bosses to unlock all the endings. I ended up getting all the rainbow weapons and played through the game a few times. I guess the one criticism (if I can call it that) is that I never had a SNES, so i've never played it on the TV

    Chrono Cross. I loved how there were so many characters, but my favourites were Glenn, Kid, and Razzly. Oh yeah, and Pip. Actually i loved all the characters, and that was one game that you did manage to hear about all the characters back stories. As far as you were aware, what they had against Lynx, and seeing their endings.

    Seiken Densetsu 3. Yeah, i know, it makes me look like a real Square-Enix fan. in my defence, I've only played Square-Enix games. This one was the best game I've ever played for so many reasons. Having jobs, and special abilities, and every kind of ability related to those characters, different endings for the different characters, and the action-based RPG battle system, I think in some ways they did it better in this than in Legend of Mana (mind you, that one actually had so much customizing you didn't know what to do)

    I really have noticed some games that I have not played, and which I'll have to try out. Thanks for sharing your top 5.
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    I'm happy to see that you all have good tastes!

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    Not sure about the order, but 5 good ones:

    Chrono Trigger - 'nuff said.
    Seiken Densetsu 2 (Secret of Mana) - Pretty cool 3 player mode.
    Seiken Densetsu 3 - Somewhat less cool 2 player mode, but still nice game play and story.
    Sailor Moon RPG - Surprisingly well done.
    Shadowrun - Early cyberpunk RPG. Has a fox girl.

    All SNES/Super Famicom for no particular reason.

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    Onion Kid
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    Arc Rise Fantasia
    Chrono Cross
    Breath of Fire IV
    The Last Story
    Legend of Mana

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    My favorite Non-Final Fantasy RPGs are as follows -

    1 - Chrono Cross = Chrono Cross is just timeless. It has a great musical score, wide varitety of playable characters and a storyline is just a win.

    2 - Legend of Dragoon = This was along with Chrono cross, and Final Fantasy VII one of my first 3 PS1 games. It hasn't aged as well as chrono cross and the FF series. But it is still in a league of it's own.

    3 - Tales of Symphonia = What can I say, this is simply IMO, the best installment in the Tales Franchise. Great characters, with so much depht and a great overall story and gameplay. The musical score was unforgettable.

    4 - Golden Sun : The Lost Age = For a GBA game, this was simply ahead of it's time. Turn based combat with decent animations. Great for the gameboy, and the music, story and characters mesh perfectly.

    5 - The Legend of Zelda : Majora's Mask = IMO, quite easily the best zelda game ever made. It is dark, creepy and deep in so many ways. I buy into the theory by MatPat of GameTheory that link is actually dead in Majora's mask. And that he is going through the stages of death detailed by the kubler ross model of grief.

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    I really like the Dragon Quest series. Also the Mario and Luigi series. I guess I like games with a sense of humour!

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    That's easy!

    Pokémon main series
    Yo Kai Watch series
    Paper Mario 64
    Zelda series
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