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Thread: SPACE ACE and/or DRAGON'S LAIR request... anything!!!

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    SPACE ACE and/or DRAGON'S LAIR request... anything!!!

    I have searched high and low for years... I am looking for ANY music from the Space Ace or Dragon's Lair video game soundtracks (the opening themes are easy to find on youtube/soundcloud/etc.)-- but the actual game music is nearly impossible to find outside of preview samples. Anyone have any?
    My obscure OST request list (any format): Surveillance by Todd Bryanton, Return to Salem's Lot, any decent quality music from Dragon's Lair/Space Ace arcade game osts, The Woods by John Frizzell, Mr. Stitch by Tomandandy, Mutants (2009) by Thomas Couzinier, and Thundarr the Barbarian... that last one is just wishful thinking.

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    I wish..... never seen it.


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