hi guys i just bought ff13-2 for Christmas figured i'd give it a try and it turned out pretty good...Didn't beat it yet but i just wanted to ask some questions and give a tip or 2 on what i found makes things easier in this game!!

So what monsters can be captured that help the most in battle?...

right now im at the Archyite Steppe and i found that so far the best i got is Urdimmu (dragon dog looking monster) is commando pretty darn tuff an can be leveled really good i have him at level 30 his strength is 339 and his magic is 303, he is a huge help in every battle he does the most damage. And i have cait sith as my medic, actually the only medic i ran into so far in the game, not very good tho but a big help to have another medic on my squad, And then as my strongest ravager i just found in the archyite steppe is buccaboo one of the goblin type monster, i don't have enough chips to level him yet but i got him at level 2 and his magics already 137.

and another question , does anybody know where i can find a better medic then cait sith?