Guys, regarding a movie, or even a series of movies based upon one of my most favorite TV shows and cartoons...

Is the big screen movie revival of Samurai Jack, Genndy Tartakovsky's second Cartoon Network show after Dexter's Laboratory really the most highly and eagerly anticipated and long awaited movie productions of all time besides the ill-recieved prequel trilogy to the original Star Wars movies?

Would the big screen movie revival of Samurai Jack be either animated (or maybe traditional 2D animated) or live action?

Would Samurai Jack's overall quest and long-promised (or overdue) proper ending to his overall quest require either a series of films or just one single film?

Would the Samurai Jack Movie revival be made for what it is in the future?

Would the Samurai Jack movie revival really capture the excitement and action that the original show held?

And would the Samurai Jack movie revival pay tribute to the original TV cartoon series and keep every positive aspect of it and improve upon its shortcomings, like the lack of a proper ending to Jack's overall quest to find the time portal, return to his own time and, once and for all, liberate his people from the future that is Aku?

Well, What's your word?