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Thread: What is/are your favorite Movie/TV character(s)?

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    What is/are your favorite Movie/TV character(s)?

    So, what is/are your favorite TV/Movie character(s), anyone?

    Anyway, to begin with, here are two of mine:

    As for my Favorite Female Character from the cartoon show Dexter's Laboratory, in my opinion, she'll had to be:

    Lee Lee (Voice of Kath Soucie), the Asian friend to Dexter’s sister Dee Dee, even though she’s a minor or background character from the first seasons of the show.

    As for my Main Blue Man, in my opinion, he'll had to be:

    Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), the 10 foot tall blue alien/human hybrid hero of James Cameron’s AVATAR (2009), the visuals and colors of which I like the most out of Jim Cameron’s 2009 3-D epic space opera.

    So, what's your character(s) from movies and TV besides mine?

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    Brisco County, Jr(The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr), John Crichton(Farscape), Luke Skywalker(Star Wars), Crow T. Robot(MST3K), Vash the Stampede(Trigun), Justy Ueki Tylor(The Irresponsible Captain Tylor)


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