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Thread: Is it possible to lose against yu yevon?

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    Well, some people think it's funny that you actually have to try to lose a final battle.

    Although, right now I find your prelling funnier. dilibretly~

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    That's a good one, you guys r funny

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    Quote Originally Posted by Island Girl View Post
    That's a good one, you guys r funny
    I oughtta try this in the HD Remaster

    Of course you guys wouldn't know about that because you are frozen in 2004...whereas I am from the future and it is the year 2014. One day I will free you guys but until will be stuck in your 2004 time bubble until I decide to free you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcanine78 View Post
    losing to Yu Yevon is that hard? personally i'm mollified that they didn't make him a person...he has a significant role..least he could do is step out from behind the curtain and flashy lights...
    There is a way to lose the battle, I remember answering a question on ffx trivia. I think you cast zombie on all your characters and cast reflect on yu yevon.. I'm gonna go search for it because now I'm curious.

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    Wow just realized how old this thread is.

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    The only way to lose is by petrifying all your characters. Moving on...
    Quote Originally Posted by 1982_tarheels View Post
    Reddas is the guy who got his brains blown out by Travolta in the backseat of Jules' car.
    Quote Originally Posted by ManRay View Post
    Oh, now i get it...

    Your Posts aren't meant to be ironic... You actually think you're funny....
    I fucking hate FFShrine.


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