I`m selling my collection, all CDs are unsealed.

I don't listen to the CDs anymore because I have the MP3s and I need the money right now.

Please contact me and make an offer on the the available CDs.

Angels and Demons - Zimmer
The Pacific - Zimmer
Holdridge - East of Eden compilation - Holdridge
Alien Resurrection - signed
Independence Day - D Arnold
The Artist - Bource
Tron Legacy - Daft Punk
The Black Stallion Returns - Delerue
The Tailor of Panama - Davey
Harry Potter DH Part 2 - Desplat
Alice in Wonderland - Elfman
Magdalene - Eidelman
Into Thin Air - Holdridge
Loch Ness - T Jones
Passchendaele - Kaczmarek
U 571 - Marvin
Back to the Future - Silvestri
City Slickers 2 - Shaiman
Close Encounters of the Third King - Williams
Radio Flyer - Zimmer
Don Juan DeMarco - Kamen
Return of the Jedi - Williams
Goldfinger - Barry
Fantastic Mr Fox - Desplat
Twlight New Moon - Desplat
Batman - Elfman
Gods and Generals - Frizzell
First Knight - Goldsmith
Patton/Tora Tora Tora - Goldsmith
Bee Movie - Gregson Williams
Back to Titanic - Horner
Braveheart - Horner
The Mask of Zorro - Horner
Titanic - Horner
Willow - Horner
Around the World in 80 Days - Trevor Jones
The Dark Crystal - Trevor Jones
The Mighty - Trevor Jones
Finding Neverland - Kaczmarek
Heaven & Earth - Kitaro
Atonement - Marianelli
The Godfather Part 2 - Rota
Johnny English - Shearmur
Body of Evidence - Revell
The Usual Suspects - Ottman
Anacondas - Tyson Chew
Artificial Intelligence - Williams
Born on the 4th of July - Williams
Hook - Williams
Revenge of the Sith - Williams
Beyond Rangoon - Zimmer
Pearl Harbour - Zimmer
Power of One - Zimmer

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