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Thread: MISTER MOSES by John Barry - 1965 - The Original Score

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    MISTER MOSES by John Barry - 1965 - The Original Score

    A suite from this film score, which was never released on LP or CD, was poorly re-recorded by Sillva, but the score is
    much better than that...

    The movie has (mysteriously) completely vanished from this planet. John Barry himself wasn't very fond of this score.
    But remember: This is John Barry in 1965. You can't get any better than that.

    We really NEED a release of the original tracks! In the movie, it sounds like this:

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    Let's call this archaeology:

    "Mister Moses
    by ianmac Sun Feb 05, 2006 2:00 pm

    I have been a Barry addict since 1958 and in the 60's had regular chats with Tony Palmer, A&R man at the UA label. Around 1964 he showed me a proof of a forthcoming album of this score. It had, I recall, 13 tracks with some of them being commercial instrumental extensions. The sleeve featured Elephant Emily in the foreground with Mitchum on its head and Baker walking beside, with a montage of scenes from the film in the background. The title ' Mister Moses' in large grey type over the top and Music Composed etc at the base more or less bottom right hand. It was numbered around SULP/ULP 1090, but in view of its non release this number may have been allocated to another project. Anyway a guy called Frank Ross, who I think was the films producer threw a spoke in the wheel and there was a major disagreement and nothing was released. Tony would not disclose details but said it centred around royalties/rights issues. In the 1990's I spoke to Vic Lanza, archivist at EMI, when he was researching the 'EMI years' CD's, and asked him to look for this item in the vaults at Abbey Road - No sign of it!! - it was almost as if it had never existed!! Maybe the film Company took it all back, from those days forth it completely disappeared!!"

    If such a source existed, and they printed sleeves, too - then we MUST FIND IT.

    We just haven't searched enough.


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    Try here for this
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