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Thread: [MP3][4Shared] Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Official Soundtrack

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    [MP3][4Shared] Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Official Soundtrack

    Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Official Soundtrack

    I translated this album myself!!! It was very difficult to figure out!

    Date Released: 2005
    Format: MP3
    Bit Rate: 192kbps
    Size: 110MB
    Total Length: 1:18:32

    1. Abundance
    2. Wild Challenger
    3. His Name is Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
    4. Terrifying Hair-Hunt Empire
    5. Twinkling Amusement Park
    6. Love's Sadness
    7. I'll Show You Guts!
    8. Holy Mass Music
    9. Come Together, Wiggin' Specialist's!
    10. Beauty's Theme
    11. The Legendary Don Patch
    12. The World's Ultimate Crisis
    13. Bobobo Theater
    14. Mysterious
    15. Decide to be Cool! Gasser
    16. Eyecatch
    17. An Ordinary Life
    18. A Man's Grief!? Jelly Jiggler
    19. Coming of the Hair Hunters
    20. A Maiden-Chick's Pure Heart, Uhuh
    21. Flooded With Kindness
    22. True Fist User of Blaba-A-Lot: Softon
    23. The Evil Hand Draws Near!! Serious and Dangerous!
    24. Magical Girl Denbo's Theme
    25. Sweet Temptation
    26. Lady's Gang Alliance: Bobobo and Don Patch
    27. An Adult's Scent
    28. Beautiful Japanese Me
    29. Enter the Cool! Hatenko
    30. Nostalgic Song
    31. Super Fist-Of-Nosehair!
    32. Let's Wig-Out!
    33. Rock-Paper-Scissors! Announcment
    34. Ending Theme

    If any of my links are down PM me and I will reupload them.

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    Thanks a lot!

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    Thanks for the Ost!!


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