Categories: Coming of Age, Contemporary Fantasy, Fantasy, Magic, Mahou Shoujo, Romance, Seinen
Year: June 25, 2009 - Sept. 17, 2009

When Marin and Urin – two sisters who live in the sea – find a ring that dropped into the water from the land of Sky, they decided to travel above to return it. There, amidst a bustling festival, they meet the ring’s owner; her name is Kanon, and she wants nothing to do with the ring, which was a present by her ex-boyfriend. After Kanon refuses to accept the ring and throws it away once more, the girls continue to search for it, accidentally releasing half of a great evil whose spirit was sealed both above and below the water. But luckily, there’s hope – Matsumoto, the Elder Turtle from the sea, appears and reveals that Marin is none other than the Priestess of the Sea, charged with defeating the villain. Marin must now fight alongside Kanon - who discovers she’s the Priestess of the Sky - to put a stop to this ancient power and its possessed minions before it’s too late… (From Anime-Planet)

Group: Chibi - Formula
Source: DTV
Video: H264/AVC 848x480 16:9 23.97 fps ~ 1224 KBit/s
Audio: Japanese normal audio 2.0 Stereo AAC (126 kBit/s)
Subtitle: English soft styled subs (ASS/SSA)
Size: 236
Episodes: 12