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    Catcher Chocobo

    I was wondering if there is any easier way or some kind of strategy to get a time of 00'00'0. I have been doing this for the longest time and have failed countless times. I'm dyin' over here!

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    I had a video of me going through the entire Catcher Chocobo while getting all zeros... then I realized it's mostly random on how everything goes.

    Best way to do this is... hit as many balloons as you can without going off center, get ahead of the opponent, and dodge the birds at all costs!
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    I know for the Japanese version that, if you get yourself stuck in the first turn, and get yourself hit by a bird when the timer strikes EXACTLY 2:0:0 then every next time you play, the birds will fly straight through you.

    How ever this is only in the Japanese version, and won't work in any other versions.

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    Here's an alternative: Just customize Tidus's celestial weapon. It is easier than getting 0'00:00 but it is longer. Plus you can equip better abilites for Tidus (like One MP Cost).

    Here's a guide if you want that Sun Sigil so badly...:


    Q: What is Chocobo Trainer?
    A: In the Calm Lands, you can find a chocobo trainer who will give
    you the option to train a chocobo to ride. Passing the first
    test will let you ride, passing the next two tests will let your
    race her. Beating her in the race will open up the path for
    Tidus's Caladbolg, and getting a time of 0:0.0* will snag you
    the Sun Sigil to pwoer the weapon. I'll outline how to get the
    Sigil for now.

    *NOTE* You need a time better than 0:0.0 (that is, the math
    works out so you have a better time).

    4.10 GETTING 0:0.0

    This section is put together in order to help you get a time of
    0:0.0 and the Sun Sigil.


    This is a general section of things you should know before

    1] Realize that this is not based solely on luck. People who
    are saying it's pure luck are either lying to themselves
    because they can't get it, or were one of the few who
    really got it on luck their first time through. Trust
    me, luck is not getting it 5 times in an hour and a half.
    Luck is getting it on the first time and then never
    being able to get it again.

    2] Realize that this does require SOME luck. If the balloons
    aren't in a good place, you're kinda screwed. It's not
    as bad as it sounds, though, so don't fret.

    3] Never, EVER, throw a fit over this sidequest. You'll
    not be able to think, and at worst, you'll break a
    controller or PS2 and end up costing you from 30 to
    300 bucks. Not worth it, really. You'll want to be calm
    the whole time through. The first time I got 0:0.0 I was
    pretty surprised, that came after 45 minutes of studying
    patterns and developing my way of doing it.

    4] Use the D-Pad, and not the Analog stick. This, and the Jecht
    Shot Challenge, is really the only parts of the game where
    it helps out. Also, never hold the direction, but slightly

    5] There are invisible boundaries on the track. These are your
    enemy, as bumping into one will cause you to slightly head
    in the other direction, and probably hit those one or three
    birds you were trying to avoid and cause you to get a time
    of 10.0 instead of 00.0. If this happens, it's best to refer
    to Rule number 3. It's a good idea to do a few run throughs
    to see your boundaries.

    6] Getting hit by a bird not only adds 3 seconds to your overall
    time, but costs you approximately 1.8 seconds of recovery
    time. Never sacrifice a bird hit for a balloon, the balloon
    isn't worth it as you'll lose 1.8 seconds. Two balloons ARE
    though, as you'll gain .2 seconds.

    There are anywhere from 0-9 freebie balloons in every race.
    These are balloons you can pick up without worrying about

    *NOTE* I tend to break up the actual race into A few parts.
    The straightaway, the first turn, the first stretch,
    the second turn, the second stretch, and the ending.

    First set of Freebie Balloons
    Amount: Five (5)
    Location: Straightaway
    Importance: Very

    When you first start, you'll be on what I call the straight-
    away. You should see 3-5 balloons. If you can't reasonably get
    3 of the first five on the straightaway, go grab a beer or
    take a piss, you won't be getting a Sun Sigil this run. Yeah,
    this is where the "SOME luck" comes into play.

    TIPS: Try not to move as much as possible. Don't go after the
    first balloon if you have to swerve to the left to get
    it, you'll only screw yourself over. If you go after
    the second balloon, the trainer will swerve for it and
    screw herself over. Now just grab the other three and
    you're good to go.

    Second Set of Freebie Balloons
    Amount: One to Two (1-2)
    Location: First turn
    Importance: Minimal

    After the straightaway, there's the first turn, if you dig
    in a hard turn, and then immediately tap left a time or two,
    you have a shot at getting these balloons. No tips for this
    section, but don't worry if you don't get them, these are
    largely based on luck, of minimal importance, and usually do
    not affect the outcome. If you really want this set of one
    or two, you'll have to get used to the turn.

    Third Set of Freebie Balloons
    Amount: One to Four (1-4)
    Location: Second turn, beginning of Second Stretch
    Importance: Pretty Important

    After the second set of heat seeking birds that come your way,
    look for a shadow cast by the mountain on the right side.
    Head towards there, as there is a major turn (camera swing)
    coming up soon. You should be able to snag one balloon in the
    turn if you know the boundaries and how to adjust to the turn.
    You also may be able to grab a few in your path right at the
    beginning of the second stretch.

    4.13 THE RACE
    Here's how you actually race! If you've read the first two
    sections, it's important to keep them in mind while racing.

    Part 1: Straightaway/first turn.

    Follow the tips I outlined in Section 2 and you should be set
    to go. This is probably the most important Area of the whole
    ce, as these first 5 balloons are very important. As for the
    turn, you'll want to get inside, but hit left early so you
    don't go too far to the right and have no chance of the
    second set of freebie balloons.

    Part 2: First Stretch

    Your goal here is DO NOT GET HIT! You'll want to bring your
    total of balloons to around 7, since it's a nice number, but

    After the first big turn, try and get a bit behind to trainer
    for the first few birds. After she gets smacked once or twice,
    swing around to the right of her and jump out in front. Stay
    near the right side of the stretch, as you won't get many
    birds coming your way.. Dodge to the right when you need to,
    making sure to pick up anywhere from two to four balloons.
    At around 25 seconds, you should see a balloon in the shadow
    of a mountain (or just a huge shadow), head for a good bit
    behind it and prepare for the next turn.

    Part 3: Second Turn/Second Stretch

    Your goal here is DO NOT GET HIT! Well, it's less of that
    than in the first stretch, but DO NOT GET HIT! If you can
    manage not to get hit, you can scrounge by with 12 balloons,
    which, if you're lucky, will be nothing to get. Getting hit
    once is okay, but be sure to collect around 14 balloons.

    After the major camera swing/turn, try and quickly align
    yourself for a balloon or two. If you're lucky, there will b
    a few more close up before you have to worry about birds. Stay
    in the middle of the path until you see birds. Once you see
    birds coming after you, wait until you're comfortable, and then
    start heading to the left. A few quick taps will let you dodge
    these homing pigeons most of the time. Try and grab a few more
    and the camera will start to zoom in. You are now at the ending.

    Part 4: Ending

    Keep going straight until you see a bird fly out from the left.
    IMMEDIATELY head to the left, and try to dodge 3 of these birds.
    Near the finish line, you'll see a little dip to the left
    before you cross. Go down there, as it's safe from those evil birds.

    Part 5: Trying again.

    If you don't manage to get 0.00, sigh, refer to Rule number 3,
    and then try over. Remember that people have been doing this
    for 3+ hours, 30-90 minutes is lucky. Enjoy

    Thanks to Masakari for my awesome signature and avatar!

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    its so not easier. just take some time out of your afternoon and do it. i am pro at it, i've done it at least 5 times. you jjust get the balloons and avoid birds, trying to do it fast. dont get frustrated and soon you'll get it done

    thats the only advice you can give

    btw, how many threads like this are going to be made?


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