vBulletin Message

FFS needs emergency donations to continue running. We currently need to raise roughly $2,400.

We had an advertiser pull out and haven't been able to find a suitable replacement yet, so we're short on funds to pay the bills for the next few months. This has caused a rather huge shortfall in funds to pay the bills for the site.

I've covered significant shortfalls myself when I was in a position to do so but I'm unfortunately not right now so I have to ask the community for help. Our servers cost a lot of money-- FFShrine is a huge site, serving hundreds of thousands of dynamic, database-intesive pageviews a day. Additionally, we push over 30TB of bandwidth a month. We have to pay for three rather intensive servers; one for web, database, and a fileserver/backup. Our ads help defray the costs, but don't cover everything.

Be awesome and donate. As soon as we cover the $2,400 they'll be turned back on immediately.

Donations of any amount help, even as little as a couple dollars. As a special thanks for people willing to go the extra mile to keep FFS running, anyone who donates the following amounts will recieve a few perks:

  • $10 or more will get a random chance for lifetime forum supporter status-- 5 total will get it.
  • $50 $25 or more will receive a lifetime mass-downloads account at Galbadia Hotel.
  • $100 $50 or more will get the GH mass-downloads account PLUS supporter status at the forums (more PM space, slightly bigger avatars, possibly more to come ~)

Without these donations FFShrine will cease to exist. Big thanks to anyone that helps out!

PLEASE consider donating. If we don't reach our goal, I have no way to keep FFShrine running. Big thanks to anyone that helps out!